It isn't everyday that we see something as gloomy and realistic as this, yet Black Horizon does not fail to impress. Although still WIP, Black Horizon already posted some impressive screenshots of his Urban Map Pack, most notably the Pripyat themed environment, along with a character model that he will be using. So far it all looks amazing, and our author today sure knows how to make both stunning and mysterious environments.


Hello fellow Cry Engineers! Today we'd like to show off a few awesome screenshots from Black Horizon's Urban Map Pack! Originally developed with CryEngine 2, Black Horizon has switched over to CryEngine 3 with the release of the Sandbox editor and continued his work. You can find the old thread here, and the new one here. The maps, taking place in areas such as Pripyat and Chernobyl, produce a very dark and shadowy tone keen to give you an eerie feeling. But a lot of quality shines through the darkness, despite that the project is still currently WIP. 


A recent map designer showcases what the atmospheric game could achieve with some added graphical touches. Talented level designer, Black Horizon, has recently showcased his upcoming creation; a set of custom map levels based on various different places such as Pripyat, Chernobyl, and a deteriorated urban China.


How would a game like "STALKER" look if it were designed on Cry Engine 3? This question is not difficult to answer, with new screenshots of Black Horizon's Urban Map Pack. Black Horizon started the map on Cry Engine 2, though as soon as Cry Engine 3 was released he quickly switched over. These maps are filled with gloom and eerie atmosphere, "a post-apocalyptic world", says the guys at Crytek. In general, this map pack is still being prepared for release, but until the release you can see screenshots on

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There are not many days were you can't write news about Crysis 2 or the Cry Engine, today we have good news for you. Black Horizon's Urban Map-Pack. The author changed from Cry Engine 2 to Cry Engine 3 and demonstrates the full potential of the new engine. In the past few weeks Black Horizon has released many screenshots. PC Games Hardware shows you the exceptional pictures from this mod in the gallery. Just by looking at the first pictures you can see that the author has achieved jaw-d­ropping quality. The most stunning part of his maps are his photorealism. Nearly all his maps show a eerily beautiful Darkness, that fits well with locations like Chernobyl and Pripyat. This is what S.T.A­.L.K.E.R should look like. At the moment his map-pack is still a work in progress, with no official release date.